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An Umbrella for Alex

An Umbrella for Alex

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guide for children.

About PDAN

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Personality Disorders Awareness Network (PDAN) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to projects that help children, families and individuals understand and cope with various personality disorders. PDAN was established in 2001 to increase public awareness of Personality Disorders (PD) in families and the society-at-large. Initially created in Wisconsin, PDAN is now based in Atlanta Georgia with a key office in Scottsdale, Arizona and volunteers in New York and Los Angeles.

We work globally to offer ongoing support, education, commitment, and compassion for the individuals and families enduring the relational trauma caused by personality disorders. Through our informative books, child and adult-friendly website, and community of online professionals, we remain dedicated to the healing processes and empowerment of those who are either directly or indirectly affected by personality disorders.

We focus primarily on issues related to "Affect Dysregulation". These include Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) and to some extend Antisocial Personality Disorder and Avoidant Personality Disorder. Other personality disorders may be addressed as resources increase. See DSM5 Personality Disorders page for the latest medical updates on classifications of Personality Disorders.

The PDAN Board of Directors is comprised of committed individuals who donate their time and work to help all people who have been impacted by personality disorders. For 2013, the PDAN Board of Directors consists of:

  • Frederic Bien, President in Atlanta
  • Megan Hunter, Vice-President in Arizona
  • Gerard Gibbons, Director in Los Angeles
  • Daniel Mattila, Director in New York

The PDAN Board of Advisors is comprised of authors, experts and psychologists who have written about personality disorders, or do research on treatments as well as prevention and transmission. All Board members are contributing volunteers:

PDAN also has a small paid staff working on administration and communications. To contact the staff, please email Charline Zeroual at PDAN is funded by public contributions. 

PDAN's vision is to be one of the most highly reputed organization in the field of mental health awareness and prevention by 2016. We work diligently toward this vision and maintain very high integrity standards. We encourage, sponsor, and financially support projects that assist those in relationships with individuals with a PD. We encourage an atmosphere of respect and compassion for those suffering with any illness, while acknowledging the emotional distress and impairment in everyday functioning of those individuals in relationships with someone with a PD.

Please click below if you would like to join us by volunteering time or donating funds to our organization.

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