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An Umbrella for Alex

An Umbrella for Alex

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Statistics on the prevalence of Borderliner Personality Disorder are still evolving. The US National Institute of Health (NIH) cites the following figures for:

However, recent research published by the same National Institute of Health (NIH) indicates that

  • BPD may afflict up to 5.9% of adults or approximately 14 million Americans (Grant BF, Chou SP, Goldstein RB, Huang B, et al. 2008, and
  • Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) afflicts up to 6.2% of adults (Stinson FS, Dawson DA, Goldstein RB, Chou SP, Huang B, et al. 2008,

Some people fit both diagnoses. (Studies found that between 16% and 39% of people with BPD also have NPD; ref. As mentioned above, NIH experts estimate that nearly 10 percent of the US adult population has BPD and/or NPD (approx. 23 million Americans). Statistics in other countries are likely to be similar. BPD & NPD are important mental health illnesses all around the world.

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