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An Umbrella for Alex

An Umbrella for Alex

Give this book! It is a
reassuring, practical
guide for children.


If someone you love has been diagnosed with a personality disorder, then you may have already spent some time researching the illness. If you believe a loved one has characteristics of some personality disorder but is undiagnosed, you may be looking for a place to start gathering information and support. There are many Internet web sites that can help you explore more about this mental illness. The books and links below may be helpful:


1. An Umbrella for Alex
The story of how a young boy learns to understand and cope with his motherís affective dysregulation illness. By Rachel Rashkin (Author) and Danni Diol (Illustrator), 2006 (2nd edition 2012). Published by PDAN.

2. Feeling Better: A Kid's Book About Therapy
Using a journal format, 12-year-old Maya chronicles her emotional ups and downs and describes the process of psychotherapy. By Rachel Rashkin (Author) and Bonnie Adamson (Illustrator), 2005

3.a Stop Walking on Eggshells
Taking Your Life Back When Someone You Care About Has Borderline Personality Disorder. By Randi Kreger and Paul Mason, 2010

3.b Also useful: The Stop Walking on Eggshells Workbook
Practical Strategies for Living with Someone Who Has Borderline Personality Disorder. By Randi Kreger, 2008

4. New Hope for People with Borderline Personality Disorder
Your Friendly, Authoritative Guide to the Latest in Traditional and Complementary Solutions. By Neil Bockian, with Valerie Porr and Nora Villagran, 2002

5. Loving Someone with Borderline Personality Disorder
How to Keep Out-of-Control Emotions from Destroying Your Relationship. By Shari Manning, (Foreword by Marsha Linehan), 2011

6. Overcoming Borderline Personality Disorder:
A Family Guide for Healing and Change. By Valerie Porr, 2010

7. Borderline Personality Disorder Demystified
An Essential Guide for Understanding and Living with BPD. By Robert Friedel, 2004


8. Active Parenting
Publishers of award-winning, video-based parenting programs and material for individuals and professionals, since 1983. Adlerian-based approach to parenting.

9. BPD Central
One of the longest-established and most popular websites about BPD. Offers great books and a large support community called "Welcome to Oz".

10. Unhooked Books
An online bookstore specialized in personality disorders and resolution of family conflicts. A great resource to find many more books, ebooks and programs on this subject.

11. Rainbows
Largest international childrenís charity dedicated solely to helping youth successfully navigate the very difficult grief process. Since 1983.

12. Facing the Facts (also known as "BPD Family")
BPD Family is a valuable website dedicated to those who cope with individuals with BPD. It helps us understands those whom we may love, yet who push us away. And it helps us better understand others, and ourselves, as well.

Other Associations and Organizations

National Education Alliance for Borderline Personality Disorder (NEABPD)

TARA 4 BPD: Treatment And Research Advancements - National Association for Personality Disorder

BPD Articles on PsyCom

Borderline Personality Disorder Resource Center

Focusing on protecting your children! If you are a divorcing or divorced parent, the following 4 websites have some great information against unnecessary hurt, turmoil and expense.

High Conflict Institute - A good source for divorce/custody with a BPD or NPD spouse/co-parent

Divorce Recovery Suite

Separated Parenting Access & Resource Center (SPARC)

Up To Parents

National US Organizations for Mental Health Research and Advocacy:

Mental Health America (MHA = National Mental Health Association)

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

National Institute Mental Health (NIMH)

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