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An Umbrella for Alex

An Umbrella for Alex

Give this book! It is a
reassuring, practical
guide for children.


Since the first edition of An Umbrella for Alex was published six years ago, more than a thousand families have benefited from the insightful story and useful advice in this wise children’s book. Meanwhile, unbridled emotions continued raining on children and families. Demand for umbrellas to protect children’s emotions kept on growing. We reprinted An Umbrella for Alex, again and again. For the second edition, we felt it was time to introduce this new and updated color version of this very nice children’s book.

An Umbrella for Alex

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An Umbrella for Alex

PDAN is proud to announce the second edition of its first book, "An Umbrella for Alex," by Rachel Rashkin-Shoot, MS, Psy.D. This very nice little book narrates a young boy's journey as he attempts to understand and cope with his mother's abrupt mood swings. Written to be read with a therapist, parent, or other trusted adult, the story of Alex reassures affected children that they did not cause and are not responsible for the volatile behavior of their parent. This book was wonderfully illustrated in colors by Danni Diol.

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