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New Children’s Book Aims to Promote Understanding and Tolerance of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

June 20, 2013- Atlanta, GA— Personality Disorders Awareness Network (PDAN) is proud to announce the second edition of Hey, That Kid Got Issues: Maybe It’s ADHD

By: Earnest Williams Jr.

The unique composition of this book helps educate kids, their parents, and teachers about ADHD, while reducing stigma and promoting compassion for those struggling with the disorder. The story follows Justin, an average 10-year-old with a lovable and vivacious personality who just cannot control his impulses. Along with Justin’s challenges come some wonderful human qualities. This identifiable characteristic of the book is a breath of fresh air for kids who have felt isolated, confused, and even demonized by their ADHD symptoms. One reader of the original book, Dr. Frederic Bien, was so impressed by its positive impact on his ADHD-diagnosed son that he has now published this second edition through PDAN, a not-for-profit organization where he serves as President. “My son loved this book. It provided a wonderful validation that his behavioral challenges were real, shared by others, and not to be ashamed of,” shares Bien. “All this was very reassuring to him and helped him feel in control of his own personality.”

A major feature of the new, second edition of the book includes a valuable resources section to further educate parents on how to best help their ADHD kids. Michael H. Popkin, Ph.D., Founder of Active Parenting Publishers, explains why this addition is important: “A common misconception is that ADHD children need harsher discipline, when in fact they need calmer discipline, coupled with more support and encouragement.” Blaise Aguirre, MD of McLean Hospital at Harvard University adds, “ADHD in some children can be so disruptive that caregivers sometimes resort to abusive responses. This dynamic can result in an increased risk for Borderline Personality Disorder in the child.” Research shows that ADHD kids are more than five times more likely to develop a personality disorder. The publishers of Hey, That Kid Got Issues hope that raising awareness of how to deal with ADHD will help reduce the development of personality disorders.

Hey, That Kid Got Issues: Maybe It’s ADHD can be purchased at, [amazon asin=0989207404&text=Amazon],  and

PDAN is an organization dedicated to increasing the public’s awareness of personality disorders; reducing the harmful impact of personality disorders on relationships; and preventing the development of personality disorders by preparing parents to be aware, ready, and educated.

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