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Statistics on the prevalence of Borderliner Personality Disorder are still evolving. The US National Institute of Health (NIH) cites the following figures for:

Older research published by the same National Institute of Health (NIH) indicated higher prevalences. However, these numbers are now considered too high by experts, due to the way the information was collected and the way the interviews were conducted to check if the criteria of personality disorders were satisfied. These older numbers were as follows:

Some people fit both diagnoses. Studies found that between 16% and 39% of people with BPD also have NPD (

As mentioned above, NIH experts estimate that nearly 10 percent of the US adult population has BPD and/or NPD (approx. 23 million Americans). Statistics in other countries are likely to be similar. BPD & NPD represent a significant portion of mental health illnesses all around the world.

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