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Creating Trauma-Sensitive Schools to Improve Learning

Professional educators know that many students face challenges in their personal lives that adversely affect their learning in school. Unfortunately, many children have been traumatized by directly or vicariously experiencing violence, homelessness, loss (or fear of loss) of loved ones, or other kinds of trauma. Trauma changes […]

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NAMI Northside Atlanta Mental Health Fair

In two weeks, on the 28th of September, PDAN invites you to join us at the NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Northside Atlanta Mental Health Fair! This will be a free event from 10:00am to 2:00pm at Peachtree Presbyterian Church. It will be an afternoon of guest […]

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New Review for In My Corner On the Moon

Caroline Knudson, from Eastern New Mexico University has posted a new review* on PDAN’s recently published book to help children and teens who have experienced trauma. Thank you Caroline! Once you have read the review, go to our last blog post and enter to win this helpful […]

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Welcome Teresa Lynne to the PDAN Team!

PDAN’s community has been growing quickly over the past year. We are very proud to welcome two new leaders onto our board in order to help us reach our mission of awareness, education, and prevention for personality disorders. Please join us in welcoming Teresa Lynne to the […]

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Trauma Book “In My Corner On the Moon” Giveaway Starts Friday, September 6th

Have you had the chance to read In My Corner On the Moon? This book is intended for children and adolescents ages 7-14 who have experienced some form of trauma. Through this book, trauma is put into simple terms that kids can understand without delving into details of any […]

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