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Books Donation Program

For the past year, PDAN has developed a successful book donation program around the U.S. for foster care centers and mental health treatment facilities. In 2013, PDAN launched this new program and has already donated about one thousand books to increase awareness of emotion regulation and help mitigate the spread of personality disorders in at-risk children.

Our most active book donation program is for children and families affected by issues due to Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). ADHD symptoms, especially high impulsivity, provides an increased risk-factor for the future development of personality disorders. Most children with ADHD end up being healthy adults, and do not develop any personality disorder later in life. Yet, a higher percentage of ADHD children than non-ADHD children end up developing a personality disorder; hence experts say that ADHD symptoms constitute an increased risk factor for future personality disorders. Early intervention is very helpful. Bibliotherapy is an easy way to get started, and PDAN offers nice little helpful books to read with your children.

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