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Shall We Blame Our Parents

Shall We Blame Our Parents

“It’s not so easy to just move forward if you are held by back by psychological symptoms you don’t understand”… (From a comment on PDAN’s Facebook Page) I am one of several administrators for a wonderful Facebook Page called PDAN, which stands for “Personality Disorders Awareness Network” […]

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Parenting Power: Nurture Over Nature

Kids do tend to turn out like their parents, but developmental research suggests parenting plays a bigger role in that tendency than genes. Nature may hand us some challenges, but through deliberate nurture, we can meet them. As parents, we desperately want to help our kids be […]

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Communicating Accurately and Sensitively about Personality Disorder Prevention

Dear amazing social media volunteers and staff of PDAN, I hope you’ll be interested in reading this. All comments welcome! PDAN’s Facebook page is doing great. Thank you so much for your excellent work. Please continue!! PDAN has grown to over 28,000 friends or followers on Facebook. Our […]

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