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Can BPD Be Prevented?

Can Personality Disorders Be Prevented?

The vast majority of research on personality disorders has shown that they are caused by a combination of genetics and environment. The American Psychological Association cites five factors which all work together to contribute: genetics, childhood trauma, verbal abuse, high reactivity, and peers.

Perhaps one day the fields of genetics, biology, neurology and medicine will come together to discover a way to prevent personality disorders by correcting the contribution of genes. But in the meantime, we at PDAN are working to call attention to the environmental and familial factors, which are far better understood.

Although many studies have been directed at identifying the causes and treatments for personality disorders, little professional or scientific effort has been devoted to preventing them. However, Andrew Chanen, a leading expert on personality disorder prevention, concluded in a 2013 study that borderline PD may be the most preventable of all the disorders.

Because the most is known about borderline and narcissistic personalities, PDAN focuses primarily on the prevention of these two disorders.

PDAN’s Prevention Goals:

1. Education:

  • Educate the public about the causes and symptoms of personality disorders.
  • Teach parents how important it is to protect their children from verbal, physical, sexual and emotional abuse.
  • Teach parents the skills to raise their children with nurturance, guidance and care.
  • Help parents and children understand the damage caused by bullying.

2. Resources: PDAN’s website and Facebook Pages are geared to provide the newest information from the world’s leading experts and researchers to provide information and help to our followers.

3. Support: Followers of our four Facebook Pages are active in communicating and sharing their problems and issue. They receive feedback and encouragement from our administrators, who include both personality disorder sufferers and mental health professionals.

4. Guidance: We offer guidance to parents, people with personality disorders, and their family members.

Personality disorders affect millions of lives around the world. Causing pain, instability, anxiety and depression, they erode quality of life as they are passed from one generation to the next.

No, we can’t change genetics. Nor can we eradicate personality disorders completely. But we can make a difference.

So let’s all work together to educate, understand and support the people who are hurting. Please join us in our efforts to prevent childhood abuse, neglect, trauma and bullying in hopes that every child can grow up in a loving, supportive environment.

Special thanks to Jonice Webb, PhD  for contributing to this site.



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