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  1. I am the executive director for the National Alliance For Targeted Parents. We are an organization representing approximately 22 million moms and dads who are trying to stop their narcissistic/borderline ex-partners from severely psychologically (emotionally and verbally) abusing our children. In particular our children have been terrified into suppressing their normal healthy attachment to us, and been triangulated into a pathological enmeshment with the abuser.

    We are action oriented with a strong strategic plan, but recently have found that the ACE’s and Trauma informed movement may end the inter-generational transmission of this personality disorder quicker than we could.

    If you have any additional interest in our organization, please contact me via the website or at the above email.

    Thank you for your time,


    • Please send me info. Going thorough divorce right now and I haven’t seen son since June of 2016. Any help is great

  2. I would be interested in helping out.

  3. Dear PDAN:

    Hello from one of the original PDAN board members ( many years ago). I wanted to reach out to see if there is anything that I can do to contribute to your PDAN Families blog. I am interested to write to help be supportive, and will not use the blog for legal themes unless PDAN request me to do so. If I can be of help, please let me know. All the best.

    Michael F Roe

  4. Very interested in raising awareness of bpd and related disorders in recovery groups, local and world wide. Am currently in Celebrate Recovery, and have seen a great need for understanding and de-stigmatizing mental health issues especially BPD.

  5. I am interested, I see so much on NPD and the general reply is RUN! however, these people are not diagnosed and their partners are making decisions based on a meme or checklist not actually seeing professionals. I suspect other mental health issues are at play but it is just not discussed and therefore not addressed. I can only imagine the heartache we could avoid in society if mental health was discussed and dealt with. Especially in the case of things with genetic connection or marital impact. Give people the tools to cope and we can’t do that if we are in denial.

  6. Hi there

    So I was wondering if you would like to be able to use my story of when I was a little girl and how it has majory effected my health, my lifestyle, my habits, my personality, and how it has even effected all my relationships that started years after the “cause-of-it-all” was gone for good.

    I will be more than willing to tell my story so that more people will understand just how bad it could effect and continue to effect someone going through what I did as a child well into the far future.

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