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Poetry from a BPD Survivor

This poem was gracefully submitted by PDAN fan Haley. Thank you, Haley, for speaking out about the experiences that have changed your life. Poetry can be an amazing form of therapy, and we encourage all PDAN friends to try creative expression to work through negative experiences and […]

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An Umbrella for Alex Review

Today we have a new review for An Umbrella For Alex. With all of the different things PDAN is doing lately, it’s important to stick true to our roots, which is to provide help for families of those with personality disorders. This was our very first published […]

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PDAN Featured in BPD Magazine October Issue!

PDAN is proud to announce our partnership with BPD Magazine! BPD magazine is self-described “the world’s first print magazine dedicated to putting out the most accurate and helpful information on Borderline Personality Disorder”. The magazine includes columns like Therapies, Men with BPD, and From The Eyes of Someone […]

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Welcome Teresa Lynne to the PDAN Team!

PDAN’s community has been growing quickly over the past year. We are very proud to welcome two new leaders onto our board in order to help us reach our mission of awareness, education, and prevention for personality disorders. Please join us in welcoming Teresa Lynne to the […]

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Bibliotherapy is a form of mental health treatment. It involves the use of books to help children cope with changes, emotional problems, or mental problems. (Pardek, 1994) Bibliotherapy includes books with characters facing a dilemma similar to the reader, realistic elements such as plot and character, a […]

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Her by Felicia Johnson

We reviewed Atlanta author Felicia Johnson’s recent novel, Her,  about a teenage girl coming to terms with her diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder. This book could be very helpful to those with BPD, people living with those who have BPD, or therapists and counselors because it helps give […]

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